I just love creating beautiful and unique beaded jewellery. You’re welcome to have a look at my treasures..... ;)

How did it begin? Rather by a chance than by intention... I was about to lost my job so I was looking for some work on the internet that I could do from at home. I found an advert about some beading work, I would have to pay an amount in advance, regarding cost of material and unsuccessful pieces, and the payment was about £1.5 per items... It was too smelly to jump in. I forgot it soon, but it started something definetely. I started to search infos about beading. The time flew so quickly and didn't realize that I spent many days hunting down those interesting things. I wanted to try everything... That was ten years ago. Now my dreams are coming true and I have learned so many techniques and tricks.
Thank you to stop by, have a good time browsing my pieces, and happy beading times!

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