Hi Dear Visitors,

I have been planning to run my own website for a while now. There is a new opportunity I found lately, with the help of Etsy, what I would like to try. But with your help of course, my dear customers and visitors.

I always had a blog about my works, but now I can do it together with my little shop here. It is easier to overlook and also simple to do it. I want to share details about my ongoing and planned works, reconsider the older ones and maybe - if I can get there - inform about local bead news. by the way, do you use blogs just to browse and read?

The first thing that I would like to show you is how I wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day with a little Beaded Heart. It is available to anyone who ready to make it, for free. It requeires basic knowledge in Brick Stitch technique - also a good chance to exercise it. You can find the Jpg file here at my Galery menu or you can download the Pdf file on the link below (just copy the link and paste it into the browser and enter):


Happy Valentine!